Your company website as a recruiting tool

Integrating the BeWorkHappy’s job matching engine with your company’s website, blog and social media pages will turn them into a true recruitment asset resulting in an enhanced corporate culture experience and an immediate sense of belonging. Candidates will get a better view of job availability and potential fit.

Find the perfect candidate with BeWorkHappy

Pull-in tomorrow’s talent and today’s top level applicants. Reinforce your company’s position in the job market and find the best candidates to fill your vacancy. All this, with BeWorkHappy. While other job platforms simply classify candidates on the basis of a few keywords, BeWorkHappy works much harder to really understand a cv or a job vacancy. Moreover, we only show relevant candidate matches because we know how precious time is.

Recruiting 2.0

Online recruiting is becoming the new standard when it comes to filling job vacancies. Why? Unlike people online recruiting tools do not have to scan stacks of resumes or spend hours in seeking that one gem, but analyse and scan 24/7 job applicants uploaded data on a deeper level, revealing competences and skills in specific domains. This allows you to focus on more important issues and save time and money. Using online recruitment tools shows that your company is on top of its HR-game. And that is where you want to be, right?

add the power of recruiting to your online presence

time efficient - cost effective - enhanced quality of hire

your company branding

no IT integration needed

secured cloud based tool

immediate return on investment (ROI)

unique semantic analytics

efficient candidate screening solution

delivers a list of top level candidates

easy candidates communication

increases quality of hire

shorter time to fill

enhanced recruitment experience

deeper insight into the applicant’s career history

professional ‘work DNA profile’

state of the art recruiting technology

embracing recruiting trends with leading solutions

About Us

BeWorkHappy is a new on-line recruitment tool

Inspired and supported by social media

Much more efficient than any other recruitment tool

Launched in March 2013

With state-of-the-art matching technology

BeWorkHappy is unique in Belgium ... and far beyond! BeWorkHappy is active in Belgium, Morocco, and the Philippines, and has a sales office in California (USA)

"Be Work Happy, be happy at work, work & be happy. However you put it, it works. This tool not only makes for happy job seekers who instantly see their profile matched with our vacancies. BeWorkHappy also makes our recruiters happy with a more efficient and quicker way of searching our database."

Eveline De Munck, Marketing Manager USG Professionals

"The unique BeWorkHappy recruitment platform gives us a much deeper and broader insight into each candidate’s resume than any other recruitment platform. We know immediately if there is a good match between the professional DNA of the candidate and the person we are looking for. BeWorkHappy has significantly increased our recruitment efficiency!"

Ahmed Hilami, CEO

Happy Clients

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